How to Fight for the Best Result in Your Case

How to Fight for the Best Result in Your Case

Work with an esteemed criminal defense attorney in Uniontown, PA

Don't go to court without a skilled attorney by your side. Contact Michael Ford Law Firm, PLLC if you're facing criminal charges. While we're a general practice firm, we focus mainly on criminal law in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Our lead criminal defense attorney will analyze your case from every angle and develop a robust defensive strategy. You won't feel nervous about your trial with attorney Ford defending you.

Call 724-366-6233 now to speak with a passionate DUI attorney in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

We can defend any type of criminal charge

Attorney Ford won't back down from a case. As your criminal defense attorney, he can defend you against:

  • Federal- and state-level charges
    Murder | Felony DUI | DUI
  • Violent charges
    Attempted murder | All degrees of assault | Drug offenses
  • Magistrate and municipal charges
    Underage drinking tickets | Simple possession of marijuana
  • Criminal sexual conduct charges
    Rape | CSC with a minor | Solicitations

While some attorneys hesitate to take a case because they're worried about their reputation, attorney Ford cares more about your situation. You can count on him to give the prosecution a run for their money.

Reach out to us today to explore your options with our lead DUI attorney.

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