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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

From DUIs, assault, and sex crime charges to federal- and state-level charges, I am a skilled attorney that will stand up for your rights from beginning to end.

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Family Law

Family over everything. I will get to know your family and your situation thoroughly so I can provide an honest and accurate strategy for building you a better future.

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Estate Planning

Creating detailed wills & trusts are essential when planning your estate so your assets will be distributed based on your wishes once you have passed away.

Divorce & Separation

Don't go through this troubling time without a fierce attorney that's standing up for your rights by your side. Let me know how I can make this a smooth transition.

Child Custody

You want what's best for your child. No matter your unique situation, I can make sure everyone's voice is being heard and an amicable solution can be reached.

Personal Injury

Don't let the careless act that caused your injury go without justice. I can help you build a case so you can fight for compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Business Law

From contract creation to business development, strategy, and management consultation, I have an M.B.A. that can be valuable to the growth of your business.

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